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State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights in State and Federal Investigations

For many years, attorneys Gregory Harris and Jonathan Gasser have defended clients in high profile state and federal cases. Their criminal defense practice is limited to complex cases that involve numerous technical issues and reams of documents. If you, your client, or a family member faces charges or an investigation, contact the Law Firm of Harris & Gasser, LLC to consult experienced state and federal criminal defense lawyers.

White Collar Crime

Mr. Harris & Mr. Gasser handle cases that involve fraud, conversion, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, and computer crimes. Their clients include accountants, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.

Federal Crimes

As former state and federal prosecutors, Mr. Harris and Mr. Gasser are well versed in federal procedure and multi-state issues that arise in federal cases. They also provide representation for clients who are under federal investigation.

Health Care Fraud

Mr. Harris and Mr. Gasser have represented numerous doctors, accountants, and other healthcare providers. They handle cases that involve allegations of Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, false records, insurance fraud, and over billing.

Environmental Crime

If your company faces allegations of pollution or illegal dumping, Harris & Gasser, LLC can defend you. They handle cases that entail regulatory compliance issues, air pollution, groundwater contamination, and improper storage.

Securities Violations

Harris & Gasser, LLC represent clients in matters involving RICO, bank fraud, anti-trust issues, wire fraud, securities, and breach of fiduciary duty. They also represent people who are under investigation for mismanagement of funds or company misconduct.

Tax Avoidance

If you face charges of tax evasion, you need an experienced and thorough advocate. Gregory Harris and Jonathan Gasser are adept at sorting through tax documents and business records in order to protect their clients. They have handled cases that involved failing to file, money laundering, and illegal tax shelters.

Computer Crimes

Computers are frequently involved in white collar crimes. Harris & Gasser, LLC handle computer crime cases which include allegations of identity theft, mail fraud, bank fraud, RICO, and money laundering.

Drug Charges

Harris & Gasser, LLC's drug cases are limited exclusively to federal crimes involving drug manufacture or drug trafficking. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure the best possible result given the facts of your case.

Federal Drug Resentencings

Civil Litigation

Contact a state and federal criminal defense attorney for an initial consultation.

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